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For dogs older than one year old (12 hours/service @Gabs Dogs)


Daycare Puppy

For dogs younger than one year old (12 hours/service @Gabs Dog)


Daycare Adult

For dogs older than one year old (24 hours/service @Gabs Dogs)


Sitting Puppy

For dogs younger than one year old (24 hours/service @Gabs Dogs)


Sitting Adult

Drop Visit

30 min visit. Check food, clean the area, give medicine if needed and take for a short walk


House Sitting

Sitting service in your house instead of Gabs Dogs place. Price per night


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You will receive a questionnaire about your pet’s health, habits and routine. And we will follow the routine that he is used to - making his adaptation easier.

Half-human / Half-dog. Actually, I might be 60% dog and only 40%, human. Since the day I was born until today I've never lived one day without having a dog. My mom always tells me that as a baby, I used to crawl up to the dog and put my hands on his back, and he very slowly stood up. That was the only way that I learnt how to walk. Mac Bark was the dog's name. After him came Pink, and then Lilika, Tandy, Kibe, Cindy, Bebe, Nina, Kika, Tina, Goldie and I still wanted more! So I decided to have all the dogs that I could have. So I had the brilliant idea of quitting my career as a Journalist and created Gabs Dogs. And today I can say that I have the best job in the world!  


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